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Dear Massage Therapist or Practitioner,

Tui-na, or Chinese massage therapy, is one of the five branches of traditional Chinese medicine.  The use of this art is estimated to date back to 3000BC.  It’s popularity continues to grow in the United States and throughout the West due to its breadth of therapeutic ability.

Tui-na differs from other forms of massage in that it is used to treat specific illnesses of an internal nature well as muscular skeletal complaints.  It is both a rewarding and demanding skill becoming a Tui-na practitioner.  An in-depth knowledge is needed of the principles and theories of Chinese Medicine and its meridian system and points, knowledge of Western anatomy, pathology, and physiology, and the ability to utilize unique Chinese manual massage techniques according to your diagnostic impression.The instructor, Dr. Stuart S. Shipe, DOM, PA, holds a doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is also licensed as a Western pharmacist.  He provides both a fundamental foundation and advanced learning for both students and practitioners of Tui-na to help them understand the theories of Chinese Medicine and develop the necessary manual skills in applying this art to patients.


From the introductory course to the advanced level training, you’ll enjoy every moment of the class.  This isn’t a CEU course where it’s stated to be hands-on only to end up sitting all day watching only the instructor perform the techniques.  Dr. Shipe designed these courses to be for those that want to get involved and take home learned skills that can be applied on Monday morning in their clinics.

For those therapists and practitioners that are new to Chinese massage, the learning begins with the “Introduction to Traditional Chinese Bodywork”.  Here, you will learn the foundations in Chinese Medicine, the theories, meridians, and points.  Later, hands-on work with Tui-na techniques, Chinese cupping, and Gua Sha.  The day will end with learning, cultivating and rejuvenating Qi gong.  For those that have either attended the introductory course or are thoroughly knowledgeable in meridian theory and points, the “Advanced Chinese Bodywork” course is offered to begin formulating treatment plans, learning advanced diagnostic skills, and using advanced hands-on techniques to handle internal medicine conditions.  Both courses are offered throughout the State of Florida in 2014 in various locations (new dates and locations added frequently; please make sure you visit our website for updated information).  You can register for just one or both courses and complete the training in an entire weekend.  Please view the course offerings at www.ABetterWayToHealth.net for more information.  Both courses are Florida and NCBTMB nationally accredited.  A complimentary continental breakfast and nutritional lunch will be served for both courses.  The introductory courses are held on Saturdays for a course fee of $269 for early bird registration and is accredited for 16 hours.  Stay the next day for the advanced course and save $160 when registering for both ($438/both).  The advanced courses are held on Sundays for an early bird rate of $269 as well and is accredited for 8 hours.  Early bird pricing ends 30 days prior to course date.

I look forward to seeing you at the seminar.  I know you’ll have a great time, take home some exciting new skills and help me in healing millions of patients with natural medicine using Chinese massage therapy.

The Best of Health,

Dr. Stuart S. Shipe, DOM, PA


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