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Dr. Shipe’s Emergency Flu Kits

$25 (Valued at $40)

Make sure you have one of Dr. Shipe’s Emergency Flu Kits in case you catch the bug! Kits are on sale NOW! Call us at 772-398-4550 to purchase one for your household.

Kits Include:

Honey Loquat drops

A natural alternative to cough drops, the traditional Chinese herbs fritillary and loquat are combined with honey to produce a great tasting formula to soothe irritated throats, break up congestion, and help suppress cough.

Run Chang Tablets

Constipation leaves us feeling grumpy and congested.  This effective Chinese herbal remedy keeps your bowels moving smoothly, without harsh purgatives.

An Shen Bu Xin Tablets

Anxiety and sleeplessness wear down our immune systems.  This Chinese herbal formula helps wind down your day, promotes relaxation to get a good night’s sleep, and wake up feeling calm and rested.

Huang Lian Shang Qing Pills

This effective remedy aggressively attacks ‘Heat’ in the upper part of the body.  ‘Heat’ is defined as inflammation or infection manifesting as dizziness, head distention, painful gums, mouth sores, swollen throat, ear-ache, ear ringing or eye infections.  These symptoms are usually experienced with the onset of the common cold, flu or sinus infection.

Bao He Wan Pills

Did you eat to much and feel stuck?  Indigestion, bloating, or inflammation in the digestive system often resulting in diarrhea or constipation is the main action for this Chinese herbal formula used for centuries. 

Echinacea C

Boost your immune system defense with plant power.  This natural herb helps stimulate cells in your body that fight infection.  Taking it routinely is recommended to  prevent illness. Taking it after the infection has set in will usually shorten the infections duration.

Green Tea

The benefits of regularly drinking this traditional medicine go beyond it pleasant taste and are too numerous to list.  Green tea has been shown in research to help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, fight infection, help digestion, slow aging, improve cardiovascular function, strengthen immunity, and assist in cancer prevention just to name a few.  

Adrenal Health Fundamentals

Stress is something that makes us age very rapidly and is at the root of many digestive, allergic, hormonal, sleep, headache, fatigue, and back pain problems.  The adrenal is a gland that attempts to handle life’s stressors daily.  This combination of nutrients supports that adrenal gland’s function in producing stress hormones when needed.     


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