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Using nature and your imagination as your guide, the ear appears to resemble an upside down baby in the womb. The earlobe would represent the head of the baby and top of the ear would represent the lower part of the body. The ridge of the ear would represent the spinal column and the concave areas of the ear would represent your internal organs. Based on this imagery, Chinese physicians over thousand of years have refined ear treatments to heal various imbalances in the body. The ear contains hundreds of small acu-points that correspond to body systems.

chinese-articular-treatmentSmall seeds from the Vaccaria plant are often used as well as tiny silver or gold pellets due to their small round size to place continual pressure on these acu-points. The seeds or pellets are placed on the back of a Band-Aid or tape to hold them in place against the ear. Once stimulated, the acu-points help move the flow of Qi and blood in the body, balancing organs and restoring health. Many modern scientific tests and studies confirm the effectiveness of ear treatments when diagnosed and treated by skilled acupuncture physicians.

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