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Did you know that Dr. Shipe offers a variety of health and wellness lectures to the community, free of charge?


He covers various topics for you to choose from - everything from weight loss to nutrition, slowing down the aging process, fertility, pain management, and everything in between!

Where he lectures

Dr. Shipe's mission is to see everyone on the Treasure Coast find health, wellness and healing. He provides lectures to:

  • Golf and Tennis Communities

  • Communities with Activities and Events (HOA's)

  • Bible Studies and Church Groups

  • Corporate and Small Businesses

  • Women's Social  Clubs and Networking Groups

  • Private Homes and Estates 

  • Women's Support Groups  

  • Charities and Nonprofit Organizations 

  • Gyms, Private Fitness Studios, and Health Clubs

  • Health Food Stores and Boutiques

  • Adult Education Centers and Night Schools



refer and get rewarded

For each lecture that you help us coordinate that has 10+ more ladies attend, you'll receive $250 in natural healthcare from Women's Traditional Chinese Healing - up to $1,000!


Book Dr. Shipe for a Health & Wellness Lecture

Thank you! We'll be in touch to discuss next steps.
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