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Avoiding Breast Cancer

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Statistics show that one in eight women have breast cancer up from 1 in 9 just a few years ago.


This is a devastating illness. Many women feel hopeless and at the mercy of destiny when first diagnosed but I would recommend some steps to take to help prevent this diagnosis in the future.

The first step would be to know your body very well. Self-examination of the breasts on a daily basis is the key to early discovery of abnormal masses or lumps. If you do not know how, I have information in the office that will guide you or ask your gynecologist for assistance in teaching you.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease (FBD) is also known as cystic mastitis and is usually a component of PMS but it is also a risk factor for breast cancer. Other risk factors for breast cancer include a family history of the disease, early onset of menstruation and late or no first pregnancy. FBD is the result of an increased estrogen-to-progesterone ratio. Other hormones may be important as well such as prolactin. There is an association between FBD and higher stress levels, caffeine consumption, tea, cola, chocolate and caffeinated medications. FBD cannot be differentiated from breast cancer on clinical criteria alone. Nodule pain, variations in size, mobility, and a having identified a multitude of nodules may be more indicative of FBD, but lumps of any kind should be checked out.

Lack of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Iodine or thyroid hormones have been linked to FBD. It is important to make sure liver function and colon function are optimum as well. Since the liver is where most hormones are made or broken down, a congested Liver (Liver Qi stagnation) or lack of B vitamins that help clear hormones can lead to estrogen excess. Constipation or a diet low in fiber increases the risk of FBD more than 4.5 times greater than women who have at least one bowel movement a day. Diet is also instrumental in preventing FBD. Women on a vegetarian diet excreted 2-3 times more estrogens than women eating meat. Omega fatty acids, especially Omega-9 (evening primrose oil or black current seed oil) have improved FBD symptoms.

Testing for female hormones, thyroid, and adrenal in my office can be completed simply with saliva testing whether you are still menstruating, in peri-menopause, or are in menopause. These labs can give a true picture of your hormone status.

I have improved the symptoms of FBD in countless women in my practice using a holistic logical approach; namely address the diet with detoxification and reduction of bad estrogens, feed the body with foods that are composed of high antioxidants, natural vitamins, and fiber to help eliminate excess estrogens. If you improve the liver function with cruciferous vegetables or supplements, bile can be moved to help break down and excrete excess hormones. Improving the thyroid function with iodine regimens can decrease breast nodules, reduce pain and lower prolactin levels even in women thought to have “normal” thyroid function. Assist the large intestine function with probiotics, prebiotics and natural fiber. Many of these principles are based on traditional Chinese medicine as well as conventional medical principles.

I hope this summary of breast cancer and FBD provides you the information to start your own plan to prevent these diseases. It may seem overwhelming and that’s why I recommend that you have a coach. Many of you think that you need to see a doctor only when you’re sick, but that same philosophy is the reason we have an increasing amount of breast cancer developing in this country because women are not proactive and monitored. Oh, by the way, monitoring means more than having a mammogram annually or daily self-examination.

I am offering you the chance to get your own breast cancer evaluation done in my office as my gift to you at no charge. I am doing this to eliminate the financial barrier that would prevent you from starting a plan of action. I have a questionnaire that I would like you to fill out that evaluates what your risk of obtaining breast cancer is when you schedule. We can then discuss preventative treatment options that would fit into your lifestyle and budget that’s best for you. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take a proactive approach today and call the office for your free evaluation and consultation. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting the information needed to prevent this disease.

Want to schedule a consultation? Call us at 772-398-4550.

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