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Series: Does TCM Address... PT. 1 CANCER

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Can you treat cancer with TCM?

Cancer has plagued humanity for thousands of years and the Chinese people have not been immune to this scourge. The Chinese physician doesn’t treat the Western defined diagnosis of cancer, rather he views cancer as a blockage or stagnation in the flow of Qi, Blood, and a manifestation called ‘Phlegm’. Phlegm develops into hardened nodules or tumors and is considered old nutrition unable to be eliminated. The goal of therapy is to support the bodies ‘Righteous Qi’ to break up Phlegm nodules, move the Blood, rectify and then tonify the Defensive aspect of Qi. The therapy selected is individualized to the patient.

Does TCM interfere with conventional Cancer treatment?

The use of Chinese medicine has been considered the “Yin” to conventional Western medicines’s “Yang”. Patient care the hands of a competent, experienced traditional Chinese physician is supportive not obstructive to cancer treatment. Acupuncture can relieve stress in a person on chemotherapy. Chinese herbs can help augment the effectiveness of conventional medicine by supporting detoxification, building Blood, improving fatigue. This allows the patient to continue Western treatments despite the harsh and often devastating side effects.

Are there any adverse reactions?

The use of traditional Chinese medicine is inherently safe by design. The principle in Chinese is called ‘Fu Zheng Therapy’ meaning support the “Righteous Qi”. The traditional Chinese physician’s objective is to physiologically enhance the patient’s immune system instead of physiologically compensating for a weakened one by using therapies that destroy cancerous and healthy cells alike.

Is there a way to prevent cancer?

We all create cancer cells every day. Fortunately, a healthy immune system squelches any renegade cancerous cell from replicating. In order to prevent cancer, it is best to consider all of the reasons why people get cancer. A sedentary lifestyle, exposure to food and environmental toxins, poor dietary choices void of healthy nutrients, stress that weakens the immune system, unresolved viral and bacterial infections, and negative emotions all place the body at risk for cellular breakdown. Whole food nutrition, exercise, meditation, Qigong, herbs of longevity, acupuncture, and Chinese bodywork (massage) have been used for millennia to strengthen the body.

Consider trying a different, more natural approach to health with traditional Chinese medicine. Click here to schedule your complimentary consultation, or simply contact our office at (772) 398-4550! Wishing you the best of health!

Dr. Stuart Shipe, D.A.O.M., R.Ph.

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