Acupuncture Session

Walk-in Wednesdays

Natural healthcare doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a few moments out of your day to totally relax and de-stress with acupuncture. 
Never tried acupuncture?  


Women’s Traditional Chinese Healing is discounting acupuncture treatments half-off the regular rate every Wednesday!  ‘Walk-In Wednesdays’ is a program designed to provide affordable, fast, and convenient care for a woman’s busy schedule.  No appointment necessary, no extended treatment plans; try one treatment or as many as you decide.  Whether it's relieving stress, eliminating pain, enhancing athletic performance, or detoxing your body, ‘Walk-In Wednesdays’ are for you!  

Even better, we’ve discounted other therapies, as well.


Call us at 772-398-4550 for more information or just show up at 1605 NW Federal Hwy in Stuart

anytime on Wednesday and we’ll take care of the rest!

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