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Vitality Programs© for Women’s Health

We are very pleased that you understand the value of beginning this journey of healing with us.  A great deal of thought was spent using evidence-based research on the development of these programs to produce exceptional results for you.  In doing so we realize that every woman has different symptoms and usually falls into one of these categories below.

Whichever category best describes your current level of health, rest assured you will notice physiological changes during this program.  While it is unrealistic to think long-standing issues can be resolved in just a few weeks, it will begin to lay the foundational changes needed to produce positive results with these long-standing issues.  We are looking forward to building this alliance with you to improve your current level of health and well-being!

What type of health programs
Do you offer?

Our all-inclusive natural healing programs are designed to improve and enhance a woman’s quality of life by relieving her of her symptoms, correcting the root cause of her imbalance, strengthening her to resist falling back into the same disease state, and educating her to maintain her health through wellness treatments.

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What is the difference between Relief, Corrective, Strengthening, and Maintenance Care?

Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, all disease is a result of a blockage in the flow of a vital life force they call “Qi” (pronounced Chee).  When the flow of Qi becomes stagnated, Blood does not flow to the vital organs.  This leads to an organ imbalance and the woman falls from a state of ‘health.’  These obstructions cause the woman’s body to begin malfunctioning.  During this time, her body attempts to find balance.  Without proper care, her malfunction further declines, and she develops symptoms.  Symptoms are the last stage of the disease.

Relief Care

Relief Care treatments are designed to enhance her body’s natural healing ability to regain enough function to remove the symptoms.  The treatments are frequent and persistent during Relief Care to reverse her health decline.  Without further care, once the symptoms resolve, she will revert backward into symptomology.  This is like treating only the branches of the tree and not feeding the root.

Corrective Care

Corrective Care treatments are designed to stop her from regressing.  Although less frequent treatments are needed in Corrective Care, the focus of the therapy is to treat the ‘root’ cause of the problem that has developed after years of imbalance.  She will be watched closely during this extended period for signs that the underlying correction to the flow of QI, Blood, or Organ imbalances have been resolved.  

Strengthening Care

Strengthening Care

 treatments begin once the physician has determined by a Chinese medical examination that the root cause of the disease has been resolved or her body has reached its optimal level of correction.

Maintenance Care

Maintenance Care treatments are designed to continually re-balance the woman’s body to foster wellness and prevent dis-ease.  Health is not a destination but a lifelong journey.  This care is enhanced by a woman’s healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise. 

What is included in the Vitality Programs?
  • Care Planning

  • Chinese Medical Therapies

  • Collaborative Physician Correspondence

  • Comprehensive Live and Telemedicine Exams 

  • Detoxification Strategies

  • Direct Physician Access

  • Discounted Treatments and Therapies

  • Educational In-office Wellness Events and Workshops 

  • Evening Appointments

  • Expanded Treatment Hours

  • Frequent Healthy E-tips and Blogs 

  • Herbal Medicine Recommendations  

  • Evidence-based Literature & Research Information

  • Holistic Library Access

  • In-office Diagnostic Testing 

  • Laboratory Analysis and Reviews

  • No Waiting Time

  • Nutritional Evaluation & Guidance 

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Reviews

  • Physical Assessments

  • Private Tranquil Treatment Suites

  • Review of Health Questionnaires with Recommendations 

  • Same Day Appointments

  • State-of-the-art Biomedical Treatments

  •  Wholesale Herbal & Nutritional Supplement Online Access

I’m new to traditional Chinese medicine. What if I don’t want to commit to an extended care program?

Many women have not been exposed to a wellness theory of medicine, unfortunately, and that makes them anxious.  Our biomedical culture teaches us that instant gratification by using drugs and surgery to remove symptoms is the key to restoring health.  In reality, these therapies only mask the symptoms while a woman’s body continues to decline.  It does take time to heal years of disease and everyone heals at a different rate.  

We understand your concerns and want to make you feel completely comfortable that you have chosen the right path for your healing.  Our one-month starter program was developed with you in mind.  Immerse yourself in our natural healing haven for a few weeks, receiving pampered, natural health care with all the benefits of our extended care programs.  You can then make the decision if we are what you have been searching for.  Transition to our budget-friendly extended care programs for the most benefit and savings, or continue month-to-month in Relief Care.

What if I don’t want acupuncture? Can you still help me?

Yes! There are 5 main healing foundations in Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture is only one of the five.  Most of our women love the acupuncture treatments in our office, often stating they don’t want to leave.  Despite this amazing therapy, a few women would prefer to be treated with a combination of the other four foundations that include whole-food nutrition, Qi gong or Tai Chi exercise, Chinese and Western herbal medicine, and Chinese bodywork massage called Tuina (pronounced twee-na).  These therapies work well together and hasten the healing time of a woman by working synergistically.  We created a Vitality Herbal Care© program devoted specifically to the other four foundations.  This Vitality Care© program does not include acupuncture but retains many perks and benefits of the other Vitality Care© plans.

What is a case-managed program?

Our goal is to foster a strong alliance between the physician and the patient working together to reach a woman’s health goals.  This direct patient care is achieved by enhancing a woman’s communication directly with the physician.  This is orchestrated by the case manager.

Case managers are the hub of a care team “wheel,” and the other providers, specialists or assistants are the spokes.  Assessment, planning, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of options and resources to meet an individual's specific needs, intake, assessment of needs, service planning, service plan implementation, service coordination, monitoring and follow-up, reassessment, case conferencing, crisis intervention, and case closure. Case management services are necessary for individuals with complex personal medical issues or chronic clinical histories.  Our case manager coordinates communication between doctors, therapists, physician referrals, laboratory services, life coaches, online supplement and nutrition guidance, scheduling, financial support, and/or special assistance to ensure that your therapeutic, medical, or social needs are met.

Ready To Start your Wellness Journey?
Call us directly or send us a message via our contact page.

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